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Threading the Web is my new blog, where I post tips and encouragement for my students and other writers and chat about the writing life. 

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My book, Trapping the Butterfly, is up for InD'tale Magazines RONE award.  

Voting in my category is this week starting today April 7th through April 13th, 2014. I need your votes!

There are two ways you can vote.

1.) You can click on the voting button on the right side of my website where it says "Vote now!" and it will take you to the voting page. To vote online on the magazine's website you will need to log in first. If you do not have an account, you will have to create one. It is quick, easy and free. Once you are logged in, you can use the link to go to the voting page. On that page look for the historical novella category and vote for Trapping the Butterfly and then at the bottom there is a "vote" button. Click on that and your vote will be counted.

2.) If you prefer not to create an account you can vote by sending an email to 

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This is what you would send:

I wish to vote in the RONE awards for

category: historical novella

title: Trapping the Butterfly

author: Debra Parmley

Simply copy and paste the above info into the body of your email and send.

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to vote for my book! Thank you!

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Four Week Creative Writing Series: The Writing Web

Beginning April 5th, 2014 every other Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 at The Circle

Creative Writing 101: Stepping into your scene: In this intro class, you will learn the process of the writing web and the overlays. You will learn how to step into a scene or setting and make it come alive using your senses.

Topics of professional critiquing and being critiqued are introduced as well as ways to breathe life into your work and ways to find and keep the joy of writing.

Creative Writing 102: Adding Movement: In this follow up to 101, you will learn how to write the silent conversation. We discuss the overlay and how to layer lessons fro both classes into your work. we end with 5 minute timed writing sprints.

Creative Writing 103: Dialog: In this class, we focus on dialog, using writing exercises to stretch your writing muscles by stepping into varying story people's points of view.

Creative Writing 104: From Character to Living, Breathing Story Person: What makes a character become a story person who comes alive. Writing exercises focused on breathing life into characters.

Debra's classes are interactive and include writing exercises, teaching moments and discussion. These writing Web exercises are designed to guide you into writing practices to help you release your writing flow. Because your writing can be personal, you will never be asked to share your pages with your instructor or the classmates. There is no grading.

Creative Writing classes taught by Debra at The Circle are taught in a safe, supportive environment both for the beginning writer and for those already writing. Guidance toward writing for publication and private manuscript evaluations are available by appointment.

Please bring your preferred writing materials.     

Contact the Circle to register 

The Circle

2465 Whitten Rd, Suite 105

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Today I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and I hope it is full of all the love and passion you dream of. Now for a Valentine's Day surprise. Ladies, I am super excited because I have a special Valentines Day treat for you.

John Antorino, the sexy cover model and actor, is visiting here today and has agreed to be an open book for this special Valentine's Day interview for you. He's been busy filming so we're lucky he could fit it into his busy schedule. 

Q.) John, what does Valentine's Day mean to you?

J.A.) The thing with me is. When I have someone special in my life, love, affection, passion, romance is shown year round. It's not just for the day on Valentine's Day. I am who I am all the time. I'm always affectionate and romantic. I don't need a certain day for it. And to pretend on that day like many do. Sadly. But yes, Valentines Day is really nice when you have someone you REALLY love by your side and on this special day show it a little more.

Q.) Do you look for a lady who is extremely fit, like you are? One who is very athletic?

J.A.) No, not really. I like a fit woman. But she doesn't have to be extremely fit and like I am. I actually don't like women who are crazy into fitness and working out like I am. And I can't stand muscular women. Not at all.

Q.) Our readers, many who are single, may want to know what you look for in a woman. What special qualities do you seek? 

J.A.) First and foremost she has to be down to earth and fun. Caring and giving. Selfless. Affectionate. Family oriented. Surely not into partying and going to bars and clubs. Not at this point in my life. Pretty, but she doesn't have to be a model. I prefer cute/girl next door actually. I've dated many models and actresses and I have to say I'd much rather have a low-key girl next door type. Inner beauty means the most to me. More than looks do. Beauty starts on the inside!

Q.) What special qualities do you have to offer her in return?

J.A.) Everything! Ha-ha no really. I hate to be asked this kind of question being a really humble down to earth guy; it's hard to answer. But I will. Yes, everything. I cook and clean. Very much a family guy. A complete gentleman always. Open doors always, and just a man, a real man in every sense of the word and take care of my woman in every way.

I don't drink or do drugs or go out with my friends to strip clubs and nonsense like that. Hate bars and clubs. I'm romantic and a passionate lover. A classy guy and when I have a girlfriend she knows she's loved!

 Q.) Are you single taken just dating or looking?

J.A.) I am single and dating. Having fun. Definitely not taken. Looking? Hmmmm not really. No. I am just living life and to the fullest. Whatever will be will be.

Q.) Are there any little things you might do to let your lady know you care for her?

J.A.) For sure!! I am big on the little things. I do a ton of little things when I have a girlfriend. Leave little notes and cards, flowers at work, cook dinners and breakfast in bed. Surprise gifts. Sweet text messages. Romantic weekend getaways.

Q.) You've invited your lady over for a romantic Valentines Day dinner in and you are cooking (I heard you were a good cook). What will you be cooking and or baking? What music is playing? How will you greet her and how do you plan or hope the evening will proceed?

J.A.) I'm cooking Italian most likely. But could be seafood. Ok, so I'll go with Italian. But really depends what the lady likes most. I'm first off making my homemade sauce. Then I'm making my homemade meatballs. Main course is chicken parm. Side of pasta. A nice salad. Shrimp cocktail appetizer. And for dessert pumpkin pie with whipped cream and chocolate cake. Then after that the real dessert. Wink wink …. Music playing will be Brian McKnight. I'll of course greet her with a big hug and kisses. The night will go like this. A nice candlelit dinner and music. Good dessert after some sexy conversation and eye contact. Then into the bedroom to cuddle up with a good movie. Then lots of kisses….

Q.) Anticipation is half the fun and passion built slowly can be strong and powerful. What is your favorite way to build the anticipation and passion?

J.A.) Hmmm in person or before getting together? In person I don't waste much time really. I get right down to business with the passion. Ha-ha. Before getting together the sweet and sexy texts are nice. Flowers and gifts. A lot of talk about what will happen when we get together. For extra anticipation.

Q.) Your Valentine's Day dinner and passionate evening went so well now it's breakfast time already. What are you two having and will you be haven breakfast in bed or seated together at the table?

J.A.) Easy one. I'm making breakfast in bed. I make pumpkin french toast and pancakes. So good!! So I'll make those. With some eggs and homemade breakfast potatoes. 

Q.) Since you travel so much it might happen that Valentines Day finds you away from home. How would you and your lady spend Valentine's Day away? Do you have a favorite romantic getaway?

J.A.) Yes I do. If I'm away without my girl and it's Valentine's Day, which by the way would be rare for me when I have a girlfriend. When I have a girlfriend I try and be sure we are together. But if not I'd send nice flowers and gifts. Just show her and tell her how much she means to me and that I miss her and wish we were together. And if her and I were to plan a getaway for Valentine's Day would be one of these places: NYC, Bahamas, Italy,or St Thomas.

Q.) I am blushing red asking you these next questions. But your fans want to know. So here goes. Do you like to be in charge and control things when you're with a woman or do you like her to take charge?

J.A.) I'm definitely in control and in charge. And I have to say my lady comes first. She is taken care of and shown what passion and bliss is. Definitely satisfied and happy. I make sure of it!!

Q.) You're the fantasy of so many women all over the world. But do you have a fantasy yourself?

J.A.) I have to say I really don't. I pretty much make things happen in my life. Not a daydreamer and a man that sits around and fantasizes about things and sex and women. If I want it, I go get it and make it happen.

Q.) Favorite love position?

J.A.) Top. Looking into my ladies eyes and showing her and telling her how I feel. Pouring myself into her. My heart soul passion ….

Q.) Are you ticklish? If so, where?

J.A.) Hmmmmmm. I don't know. Maybe I am. I can't give that away. Haha. Maybe a little. Laughing!!

Q.) Do you enjoy slow dancing?

J.A.) Yes I do. A lot!

Q.) Do you wear cologne? If so, what kind?  

J.A.) Yes. I wear Versace colognes. Armani, Yves St. Laurent, and old school and still one of my favs - Calvin Klein Escape. 

Q.) It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. What special foods would have your heart warming up toward your lady?

J.A.) Oh yes! But the thing is, I usually do the cooking. I love to cook. I've had women make me dinners before. And it was nice. Problem is, I'm such a picky eater. But to answer your question. Always Italian! And anything pumpkin!


John, thank you for visiting here on Valentine's Day and for getting a little more intimate for our readers. It's been a lovely Valentines Day treat. 

Q.) Where can we find you next? What movies, covers and interviews do you have coming up?

J.A.) Thank you for having me. Was fun and my pleasure. You can find me on 2 new shows coming up - "The Knick" and "Escaping the Holocaust". I am shooting several book covers coming up - "The Protector by Mary Moriarty" and another over by Sabrina Devonshire. Also shooting some ads for a new underwear campaign. 

Q.) Do you have a special Valentine's Day wish for our readers?

J.A.) Happy Valentines Day to all the ladies and everyone out there. Make it a special and sexy day. Full of love, passion, romance, hugs and kisses.

See more of John and feel free and follow him and contact him here: 



John's Imbd page with pictures and credits:


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Interview With C.J. Hollenbach

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Today I'm pleased to introduce you to C.J. Hollenbach here on Cover Model Corner.

I met C.J. several years ago at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention and always look forward to seeing him again when I attend RT. The last time I saw C.J. was RT in Chicago in 2012, so it's fun to be able to catch up with him here today and to hear and share his exciting news with you. 

Welcome C.J.! Let's start at the beginning.

What was the first cover you appeared on and how did this come about?

C.J.) My first cover was for Susan King's, "The Stone Maiden", which has since been reissued in a new series of her trilogy.

This time I did the "The Sword Maiden" for the new batch. So, I've come full circle. (Talk about feeling OLD!)

But, after 8 years of knocking on doors and pounding the pavement I happened to be in the right place at the right time and met the right person with the right contacts, the "perfect storm" if you will. The cover model business today is so different. E-books have opened up the market. It's much easier to do covers today. Back in the day if you didn't work in New York City, you didn't work. There I go "dating" myself again ...

Q.) If you could do a photo shoot anywhere in the world for a cover, where would you most want to go? What sort of shoot would it be?

C.J.) I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. Someplace there with a waterfall would be just fine. Any kind of exotic location would work. I'm used to studio work.

Q.) Beyond romance novel cover shots, what other projects or jobs keep you busy?

C.J.) My new book. See below!

Q.) What's one question you wish an interviewer would ask you?

C.J.) What's it like to be a cover model?

For ME, anyway, living in Ohio and doing what I do is not easy. I have to hide my hair as much as possible. I'm sort of a "dinosaur" in that sense. I seem to cause a stir whenever it's down. Kind of crazy, but it comes with the territory, I guess. Most of my friends won't go out with me in public anymore. They don't like the attention I seem to attract. I'm used to it. There aren't.

Q.) If you wrote a book, what would it be about?

C.J.) Funny you should ask! MY book, "Confessions Of A Romance Cover Model" was just released Christmas Day in E-book form. The paperback comes out Feb. 28th. It's about my 20 years in the romance cover model business. I'm still doing covers. So, I've outlived FABIO in that sense. He's in the book too! It begins with me being a contestant in the first every "Mr. Romance Cover Model Pageant" in San Diego at a Romantic Times convention. I've talked to so many "veteran" cover models who are mad that I beat them to the punch with my book. You snooze, you lose, Guys!

Q.) This question is almost always asked in interviews because your fitness level is beyond the average persons. What is your exercise routine and what sort of nutrition plan do you follow to achieve and maintain your level of fitness?

C.J.) I workout 6 days a week and try to divide my routine into a different body part every day. If I'm in training for a big shoot my diet is more strict. Most people know what to eat and what not to. Diet is so essential. They just don't want to deprive themselves. If it was that easy EVERYBODY would be a romance cover model. LOL

Q.) If you could share three simple fitness tips the average romance reader could do every day to stay healthy, what would they be?

C.J.) Try and do at least 20 minutes of cardio activity everyday. Do an ab routine you can stick with. Find something that works for you and "just do it"! Watch your diet!

Q.) It's your birthday dinner and the calories don't count. What's on the menu and what are you drinking?

C.J.) If calories don't count WHAT ISN'T ON THE MENU? Cake for sure. Good champagne is good too.

Q.) Please share one unusual fact about your or your life:

C.J.) I was named "Sexiest Grocer in America" after I was in Playgirl magazine and was still managing a grocery store. Most people don't visualize their grocery store managers naked … or at least they didn't! That title, as much as it makes me cringe sometimes has gotten me a lot of attention over the years. There's no such thing as bad publicity!

Eight Quickie Questions:

1.) Watching the sunrise or watching the sunset and the stars?

C.J.) Sunset. I've done some great cover shoots on location at sunset.

2.) The beach or the mountains?

C.J.) Beach

3.) Primitive camping or luxury hotel?

C.J.: Hotel! Room service? What could be better?

4.) Snow skiing or water skiing?

C.J.) Really neither, but snow skiing if I MUST choose!

5.) Favorite movie:

C.J.) The Birds, the B/W version of "Titanic", The Wizard of Oz

6.) Best book you ever read:

C.J.) Anything with ME on the cover! LOL

7.) Fav. Sport to watch:

C.J.) Golf, believe it or not.

C.J., thank you for visiting with me today. It's been fun getting to know you better. Before we say goodbye, how can fans stay up to date on your latest news?

Website: www.cjcovermodel.com

Facebook: CJ Hollenbach

Twitter: (coming soon!)

Be sure to check out C.J.'s new book! You can find it at:

Ellora's Cave:




and Barnes and Noble:


Creative Writing 101 w/Debra Parmley
Saturday January 17, 6:30 PM
We are very excited to work with Debra in offering a great opportunity for using writing as a tool of transformation and self expression.
She will be sharing a variety of tips and techniques for writing according to each class.
This is the foundation and requirement for the series of Creative Writing classes we are offering.
During this class Debra shares some tips and techniques and will lead participants in exercises to open the creative flow for writing.
These will prepare the way for the future classes and exercises, $25.
Come to discover the art of writing!
Creative Writing 102 w/ Author Debra Parmley

Friday January 31, 6:30 PM

This workshop will build on the foundation given in the first one (Introduction to Creative Writing).
Debra will go more in depth, will share more techniques and lead exercises accordingly, $25.

We have had some great feedback from past participants!
The previous class (Introduction to Creative Writing) is required to take this class and for any of the future Creative Writing Workshops. 
The future classes after the 2nd class are open for you to choose which ever you want to take and no particular order is required. 
The only exception is the first two classes as these lay the foundation for the series.
Contact us if you would like to take the introductory class.


Debra Parmley

Debra is a traditionally published author of four novels, a collection of poems and short stories.
She has experience in traditional publishing and the self-publishing Indie world.
She graduated from Marywood University with a BA in English Literature.
She hasbeen a student of the Antioch Writers Workshop and is a full-time working writer.

Debra is looking forward to assisting others in their skills for creative writing and/or to express their creativity for personal growth at The Circle.
She is offering classes and available for one on one sessions.
Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

The Circle
2465 Whitten Rd, Suite 105
Memphis, TN 38133



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